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Ideas to drag the sun indoors this summer

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015 by ADAB No Comments

Although you might dread stepping out during the day with the sun scorching down on exposed heads, it might not hurt to bring in some bright, sunny orange indoors to keep the vivacious summer alive inside your home as you cool down with a peach ice-tea.

Let’s explore some fabulous ways to bring the jovial spirit of summer into our living spaces by integrating pops of orange with budget-friendly home decor and accessories…

Living Room:

This is the room where your family spends most of their time and where you entertain guests. So the decor should be warm, inviting and comfortable. Try small changes that create a big impact like adding orange cushions, side table lamps, curtains, an orange center table and even fresh orange flowers to your living room. Take some tips from the pictures below on how you could use orange in your living room.

a1  a2


Bedroom: Your bedroom is where you go to unwind at the end of a long day. Not only should it be comfortable, cozy and relaxing but it should also have a romantic flair. Go bold with a graphic orange comforter set and orange accent chair. Alternatively, you could also use more subtle pops of color like an orange throw and pillows, flowers and books on the night stand. See pictures below for reference.

adab-room adab-room2

Kitchen: You don’t have to makeover your entire modular unit to add colour to your kitchen. Adding interesting accessories in the kitchen and placing them at noticeable spots can create focal points and introduce orange to your kitchen’s existing shades. Check out some interesting accessory ideas in the pictures below. Remember, more than anything, your kitchen and its accessories should be functional and not just serve as showpieces.

adab-jar adab-crockeryadab-apron
Kids Room:

Something as simple as a couple of orange multi-purpose baskets placed on the open shelves or a generous carpet made of solid colours with orange as the main colour could dramatically change the feel of a kids room and liven it up. Alternatively, if you are looking to make a long term furniture purchase, a good study chair or a low couch in orange could also be apt.




Any splash of colour in your home would be incomplete if it doesn’t get carried into your bathrooms. The same orange can add a cheer to your mornings in the bathroom as you get ready to take on the day. A minimal investment in toiletry sets in solid orange can create a focal point to an otherwise plain and white bathroom, like the one in the picture shown below. You could also consider some orange PVC mats for the shower cubicle which will be light on the pocket, but could introduce a 180 degree twist to your bathroom’s decor.



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